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Over the next few weeks we are making some changes to the ABC Does blog and social media pages. It should be straight forward, but bear with us if it goes a bit wonky!

After 9 years it is having a bit of a makeover and becoming a website with some fancy new graphics (about time)!

I am closing the blog on 31st Aug and 1st September, but the new site should be up and running on Saturday 2nd September.

I look forward to you having a look and letting me know what you think!


There will also be some changes to ABC Does on Facebook.

My personal Alistair Bryce-Clegg account will be closing, but you will be able to see all of my posts, old and new, by liking my ABC Does Facebook page here


You can also find me as


@abcdoes on Twitter



@abcdoes on Instagram




abcdoes on Pinterest




One of the most exciting things for me in the Autumn is the launch of some ONLINE TRAINING. This will start with a series of webinars. Initially these will be for ABC Does subscribers only.



So, if you would like to find out more about the content and the dates of the webinars  –  using the box at the top of the sidebar (up there ).

 Have a great weekend…


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  1. Really excited for the online training (such a saddo it’s the summer hols!)

    Looking forward to seeing the changes

  2. Hi I luv the squiggles etc and images but I haven’t got a box to subscribe at the top of my sidebar???? Can you tell me how I can subscribe? Thanku Jane ;0)

    1. Post

      Hi Jane if you are on your phone or tablet then the subscribe box will appear under the blog posts and just above the Ted talk. If you are on a laptop or computer then it is in the right hand side bar below the Ted talk video. It says ‘subscribe for updates’. Hope that helps.

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