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First of all, congratulations to Kate Martin from Aberdeen who has won a collection of my books. Send me an email with your address Kate and I will get them sent out to you. Happy Reading! As if the big book giveaway wasn’t exciting enough, and as it is Christmas…How do you fancy me coming to work with you at your …

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Ah, ’tis indeed the season to be jolly. The team at Bloomsbury must have had an attack of the Christmas spirit (or they have been at the Gin again) as they have offered a whole set of my books as a Christmas giveaway. If you are the lucky enough to win, you will receive a copy of: From Vacant to Engaged …

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3 little words I am longing to hear – Thrill, Will, Skill! Boys Learning, Child Initiated Learning, Continuous Provision, Environment 9 Comments

When it comes to really effective teaching and learning in Early Years, high level engagement will give you high level attainment. But what does high level engagement look like? How is it different to high level compliance? Well, when children are working with an adult on the carpet or in play – high  level engagement is often easy to see …

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Odd Socks, Pencil Grips and 25% off Stabilo Boys Learning, Giveaway, Mark Making, Uncategorized 11 Comments

With 3 boys in the Bryce-Clegg household, we seem to have a forever growing mountain of odd socks. Despite all of our best attempts to keep them together, it seems that most socks just prefer to live apart. One of the pair always favouring the washing basket and the other, more adventurous partner, opting for a life on the run! …

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Granny’s Teeth – Please Return to the Tooth Fairy! teeth Leave a Comment

This week we are following the exploits of Granny’s Teeth when they paid a visit to Playbox Day Nursery in Folkstone where Sarah and her team had some fun with them. This is what they got up to…   It took some thought on how to start this project with it being the start of a new term and lots of …

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St Marks Pre-School

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When I visited Australia in the Summer I worked with lots of brilliant settings and met some amazing practitioners. One of my favourite spaces was St Mark’s Pre-School in Sydney. I am really pleased that I have managed to persuade Tinna (the Director of St Mark’s) to tell me a bit more about their ethos. St Marks is situated in …

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